The UNIDEV publication ‘’Development Education in Theory and Practice – An  educator’s resource’’ is now ready and available here.


The idea for this resource arose out of a desire to develop specific development education materials that would target the new EU member states, and which would bring something new to the significant stock of development education resources already available. Therefore, this publication instead of being just another book on general development education topics, it aims to address contemporary development issues with a focus on the needs of educators in the new EU member states, as well as drawing material from contributors in those countries.


We hope this book will be used by academics, researchers, NGO practitioners and students as part of development education work, we hope it will further their understanding of key development issues facing the global community, and more so, we hope to encourage citizen action to bring about a fairer more equitable world.


Should you  need further information about the publication, do not hesitate to contact us.

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