Conference Room Booking

Book a room at the NGO Support Centre

The NGO Support Centre provides a conference room, available for bookings throughout the week, including weekends and evenings. The room caters for 30 people and is suitable for small and medium groups. It is equipped to facilitate meetings, presentations and workshops.

Rental rates:

The rental cost starts at €25 for the first hour plus €10 per additional hour.

The conference room can be booked for the following hours: 8.00 – 21.00.

Included in the price:

  • Internet connection
  • 1 Small white board
  • 1 Flipchart stand
  • 30 Chairs
  • 4 Rectangular tables


How to book:

In order to book the conference room, you need to fill in a Booking Request below.

Upon receipt of your form, you will receive an email with details for finalising your booking, accepting terms and conditions and directions for payment of booking contribution.

Bookings must be made at least fifteen days in advance and are subject to availability of the space.


Terms & Conditions
The following Terms and Conditions need to be accepted and signed in order to book the conference room.

1) The contribution must be received prior to using the room or immediately after the last requested day;
2)  If any cancellation or changes to the booking occur, the NGO SC is to be advised as soon as possible;
3)  Full responsibility is taken for the safe keeping of equipment and the safe keeping of the Centre premises – including ensuring the building is clean, tidy and secure when leaving. All windows and blinds must be locked and all equipment used must be safely stored.
4)  The NGO SC Administrator will make available any requested equipment that is included in the price, as soon as possible;
5)   If a key to the Centre is requested, it will be provided by the NGO SC Administrator and returned to the same;
6)   If any items are damaged or lost, it is the responsibility of the person signing the form to replace the items or refund the Centre;
7)   Any event held at the premises of the NGO SC will be undertaken with the consideration of the neighbours, including noise levels, use of the external area and car parking;
8)   If the conditions specified above are not met, then the NGO SC has the right to refuse any further request.

    Requestor Details

    Event Details

    Internet connection1 Small white board1 Flipchart standsChairsRectangular tables