Active Citizens Fund Cyprus

The European Economic Area and Norway Grants, formed using contributions from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway, are supporting Cypriot Civil Society through funding the “Active Citizens Fund 2014-2021” project. The NGO Support Centre and GrantXpert Consulting has been selected as the Fund Operators of the project following a competitive public bidding process. The consortium will be responsible for the creation and coordination of the project in Cyprus.


The project aims to support civil society and active citizenship, and empower vulnerable groups, and aspires to contribute to the reduction of economic and social inequality in Cyprus. The project will include a public open Invitation, with a budget of 1.2 million euros, and will be aimed at non-profit, non-governmental organisations in Cyprus which focus on the Active Citizens Fund main pillars. The project’s main Areas of Support are: a) Democracy and Human Rights, and b) Social Justice and Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups. The Cypriot “Active Citizens Fund” project will place special emphasis on youth-oriented activities and support bi-communal cooperation and inter-cultural dialogue. Furthermore, the Fund aims to encourage closer cooperation between Civil Society Organisations in Cyprus, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway.

Find out more on the Programme Website.