‘Compasito’ and Human Rights Education

‘Compasito’, a manual on human rights education for children, is a publication of the Council of Europe that has been translated and published in Greek by the NGO Support Centre, in co-operation with “Hope for Children – UNHCR Policy Centre”, in 2012. ‘Compasito’ is a starting point for educators, teachers and trainers who are ready to deal with human rights education with children 7-13 years. The book familiarizes the reader with the key concepts of human rights and children’s rights, and provides substantial theoretical background to 13 key human rights issues, such as democracy, citizenship, gender equality, poverty, and violence.

In 2012, the NGO Support Centre implemented a series of trainings for primary school teachers in Cyprus, funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus.


Aims and purposes
Within the long-standing framework of co-operation between the NGO Support Centre and the Ministry of Education and Culture, and on the occasion of the translation in Greek and subsequent publication of the ‘Compasito’ manual, this project aimed at presenting the manual in primary schools throughout Cyprus in order for teachers to become more familiar with it and learn how to use it.


Main activities and products
More than 100 short trainings were delivered in primary schools throughout the Republic of Cyprus, by the team of trainers of the NGO Support Centre.