Peace it Together was a project implemented by the NGO Support Centre in collaboration with the Management Center and run from March 2012 to September 2013. The project was funded by the UNDP-ACT.


Aims and Purposes

The project intended to capture and codify the wealth of knowledge generated over 12 years of peace building and reconciliation practices. These invaluable experiences could then be easily exported to other post-conflict settings within the Euro-Mediterranean region as best-practices.

Moreover, the project sought to establish a digital platform that utilizes innovation for civic engagement and peace-building. This digital platform would become the inter-regional “go to place” for civil society and citizen led civic engagement efforts.


Main activities and products

The project undertook a detailed research process, starting with interviewing of key stakeholders, and moving onto organized several workshops and focus groups, as well as databases of major funders on the island, in order to create an interactive map that tells the story of civil society’s efforts in peacebuilding throughout several decades in Cyprus.

Aside from that, it launched a Knowledge Fund through which 7 interactive tools were developed to support civic engagement and peace-building efforts in the island.

Both the interactive tools and the the civic mapping efforts mentioned above are now hosted at the Mahallae platform which was also developed through the Peace-it-Together.