YEAH – Young Europeans at Heart

The project YEAH – Young Europeans at Heart was implemented in 2014, in co-operation with CYCO, Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation (Cyprus). It was funded by the European Commission (Youth in Action Programme).


Aims and purposes
The project was designed to promote active citizen participation at a local youth level, focusing on active participation as the only way to become part of a widespread, peer-driven commitment to change for social good. The project aimed at contributing towards an honest and coherent call-to-action that targets youth from urban and rural areas in Cyprus and it set out to instil a sense of belonging and attachment to the values and ideals of Europe and promote a sense of a European identity amongst the Cypriot youth.


Main activities and products
In order to achieve its main objectives, the project ran a big outreach campaign which included the use of the web and social media, traditional media and the organisation of a number of events across the Republic of Cyprus. A research was conducted on young people’s opinion about the EU and a manual was created to give information on opportunities for young people at a European and local level. The manual can be found here.