Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship

Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship is a project that aims at tackling global issues through Global Citizenship Education.


Global Citizenship Education inspires people to do more for each other and our planet. We believe everyone can change the world. With the help of Global Citizenship Education, we can learn to do things better, to live by values that make a difference. Global Citizenship Education encourages us to reflect upon our assumptions, make informed decisions and demand policies that create a more fair and equal world.


What we do:


We bring people determined to make target 4.7. reality together in the Bridge 47 Network to work together and learn from each other.


We advocate for better policies that reflect the role of Global Citizenship Education in making sustainable development possible.


We explore new ways of working in partnership with organisations that have previously not engaged with Global Citizenship Education.


We explore new ways of doing Global Citizenship Education. We increase the capacity of European civil society to be innovative.


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