Knowledge Makes Change

The project Knowledge Makes Change! Strong co-operation between NGOs and academics in promoting development among politicians and public was implemented by the NGO Support Centre in 2010-2013, in co-operation with the Polish Humanitarian Action (Poland) and the Pontis Foundation (Slovakia). The Project was funded by the European Commission (EuropeAid).


Aims and purposes
The project aimed at strengthening the contribution of new EU member-states towards the achievement of the MDGs. In particular, it aimed at building the capacity of and encouraging co-operation between NGOs, academic institutions, decision-makers, and the public in Cyprus, Poland and Slovakia, in order to raise awareness about development. This has been crucial for the fulfilment of the commitment undertaken by new member-states to act against poverty and promote fairer relation between developed and developing countries.


Main activities and products
The main activities included internships for NGO Support Centre staff in NGDOs in old EU member-states, particularly in Belgium and the UK; organisation of two 2-day seminars for NGOs on food security and aid effectiveness; organisation of a series of debates to introduce development issues to the public; organisation of open lectures at local universities delivered by international experts; the publication of a number of policy papers, available here, and books which can be found here.