Cypriot Civil Society Strengthening Programme

The project Cypriot Civil Society Strengthening Programme was implemented by the NGO Support Centre, in co-operation with INTRAC (UK), International NGO Training and Research Centre, and the Management Centre of the Mediterranean (Cyprus). The project was funded by UNDP – ACT.


Aims and purposes
The project was developed to strengthen the capacity of NGOs in Cyprus and its main objectives were: to strengthen the role of civil society as a crucial actor in deepening citizen dialogue within and across communities and participation in decisions affecting the island’s development; to develop sustainable local capacity building to support the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot communities; to enhance skills of individual trainers, leaders, staff and volunteers to improve understanding and practice; to promote a stronger Cypriot civil society by enriching knowledge and skills of individual consultants and organisations in designing, planning and managing their own organisation development processes.


Main activities and products
The project evolved around the following activities: open training courses for CSOs developed to promote participatory learning by exploring a combination of conceptual and practical issues; tailor-made technical assistance for CSOs that provide capacity-building for example in the areas of organisational development, monitoring and evaluation, systems development; a number of training toolkits that can be found here.