ENGAGE – Do your part for Peace

The project ENGAGE – Do your part for Peace was implemented in two phases in 2009-2011 and 2011-2013, in co-operation with the Management Centre of the Mediterranean (Cyprus). The project was funded by UNDP – ACT.


Aims and purposes
The first part of the project was developed to strengthen the role played by Civil Society in the reconciliation process between the two main communities in Cyprus. The main objectives of the project were to increase the number of policy positions led by CSOs and civil society networks; to enhance the number of partnerships, networks and informal collaborations supporting the reconciliation process; to add to the number of joint thematic initiatives created to facilitate a common approach to island-wide issues; and, to map out a best practice policy for CSO communications with the media.

The second phase aimed at working towards a better informed general public engaged in the reconciliation effort between the two main communities in Cyprus, and at conducting an enhanced advocacy for reconciliation through the involvement of key people.


Main activities and products
The first phase of the project included a number of activities: a Small Grants Programme which funded and technically supported CSO partnerships across the island to carry out proposed initiatives; training courses  on effective networking for policy engagement and reconciliation; open trainings on peace-building and human rights based approach; public presentations on the topic of federalism; civil society fairs to raise awareness of the general public in relation to the role of civil society.

The second phase of the project built on the first phase and also designed new components: an advocacy campaign was implemented in the form of four working teams, known as Active Dialogue Networks (ADNs), which collected and analysed views of citizens around the island, which were later presented in policy papers, in the areas of gender and diversity, peace and reconciliation, CSOs profile and enabling environment, and sustainable development; an “Engage on the Move” campaign in order to approach people and discuss their contribution in the process of reconciliation; a CSO directory, an electronic database with information on CSOs, created to facilitate accessibility and visibility of CSOs in Cyprus.