Youth Projects

From 2009 onwards, the NGO Support Centre has organised and participated in different youth project on a frequent basis, in the fields of human rights education, peace education and facilitation.


Youth projects are implemented in partnership with local and international organisations including for example the Cyprus Youth Council, the Hellenic National Youth Council (Greece), and the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària (Spain).


In 2010-12, the NGO Support Centre implemented the project FreeStyle Facilitation which mainly included a training course developed for youth workers/leaders, interested to develop basic competences in facilitation of learning processes.


In June 2012, the Centre organised a Training of Trainers in Human Rights Education. The training was designed to facilitate the understanding of human rights, to promote the development of human rights education through non-formal learning, to promote the educational tools COMPASS and Compasito, produced by the Council of Europe, and to reinforce young people’s participation in non-formal learning.


In November 2012, the Centre implemented the project Sailing for Peace, an international training in Cyprus which aimed at exploring the beliefs and values of peace activists with regards to peace, violence and intercultural dialogue.

In October 2016 the Centre implemented the project Youth Engaging the State, a 3 day policy conference on youth engagement. During the conference, the participants had have the opportunity to learn more about the workings and modus operandi of key institutions and agencies of the Cypriot state such is the Parliament, the civil service and local administration. Additionally they were presented with techniques and ways through which they can engage these agencies/institutions to put forward their views as well as question and/or exert influence on their decisions.