How to set up an NGO


At the NGO Support Centre we are dedicated to supporting civic engagement, participation and citizens’ initiatives. It is our firm belief that pushing for positive change in our society is extremely important for the promotion and safeguarding of human rights and the only effective way to promote citizens’ interests. As active members of society, citizens are the force which drives a state forward; a force that can – and should – push for change in our neighbourhood, city and in our country as a whole. We have observed a heightened interest over the past few years, from individuals and groups of people that want to take initiatives and form organizations to promote causes they believe in, such as the preservation of the environment, the protection of human rights and offering assistance to minority groups and people in need.We have also observed that many people who contact us for information and support experience quite a few problems during the registration process. It appears that there is a lack of information or awareness, concerning Non-Governmental Organizations. We would like to clarify what the term ‘NGO’ really means and explain the requirements and steps needed to officially register an organization.


This is why we have undertaken the initiative to compile a manual entitled “So you want to set up an NGO” (2013) and we organise trainings for individual or groups interested to set up an NGO, on a demand-basis. The trainings take place at the NGO Support Centre. If you are interested to join one of our trainings on setting up an NGO in Cyprus, please contact us at [email protected].

Moreover, we have gathered reports concerning the registration process developed by Joanna Moshman on “How to Start an NGO”, and the European Centre for Not-For-Profit Law  on “Assessment Report of the Legal and Regulatory Framework Affecting NGOs in the Republic of Cyprus”.


Important Update: The new Law, ‘About associations and foundations and other related issues Law of 2017, L. 104(I)/2017’ has brought some developments to the process of setting up and managing an NGO. The guide “Developments for NGOs” (2018), produced by the Cyprus NGO Initiative and Civil Society Advocates, outlines these developments. 


More information and useful links:

1) Non-Profit Companies

Website of the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver


2) Associations/ Foundations/ Federations/ Unions
Website of the Ministry of Interior

Relevant documents for the registration can be accessed here.


3) Voluntary Organisations

Website of the Pancyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council (PVCC)