For the first time in Cyprus: A course on Civic Participation

For the first time in Cyprus: A course on Civic Participation

The NGO Support Centre, the University of Nicosia and the Center for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development (SeeD), announce the launch, for the first time in Cyprus, of an academically accredited course on civic participation. The course is part of the ‘Resources for Democracy’ project which is being implemented with the support of UNDP – Action for Cooperation and Trust, that includes the development and delivery of a face-to-face course and two online modules along with original academic material on the field.

The face-to-face course entitled ‘State, Civil Society and Democracy’ has commenced on the 4th October and is delivered by a team of renowned academics who draw expertise from multiple disciplines. This, in conjunction with the venue of the course, taking place at the premises of CCMC in the buffer zone, has drawn the attention of students and civil society practitioners from both communities as well as international students.

The course aims to explore how our lives are shaped by the relationship between the state and civil society and examine how civic participation, citizenship and state legitimacy are conceived. More importantly, the heterogeneity of the course’s academics and attendees provides an opportunity to the participants to share, exchange and discuss their experiences and reconsider their existing convictions.

Ultimately, this initiative seeks to lay the ground for the creation of an established academic program on the theme of Civic Participation that will provide students and CSO practitioners both from Cyprus and the Euro-Mediterranean region with the theoretical understanding and practical knowledge in the field, contributing towards a vibrant civic society.

*For more information about the course you can contact Savvas Charalambous at [email protected] or at 22875099.