Launch of an online accredited course on the ‘Politics of Citizenship’

Launch of an online accredited course on the ‘Politics of Citizenship’

Following the success of its first course on ‘State, Civil Society and Citizenship‘ the NGO Support Centre is pleased to announce the launch the second accredited course of its project Resources for Democracy* ( The course, entitled ‘An Introduction to the Politics of Citizenship’, will be delivered online through the University of Nicosia’s online platform and will be available to everyone for free.


The online lectures will commence on the 2nd of February 2015.

University of Nicosia students can register directly through UNIC’s online platform. Other interested individuals can register by completing the application form, available at: final deadline for submissions is the 16th of February 2015.


The course explores key questions around the concept of ‘Citizenship’ such as, what does it mean to be a citizen of a particular country or what rights and responsibilities are associated with citizenship. Throughout the lectures, participants will be encouraged to re-evaluate their perception of citizenship and how personal experience, age, gender, ethnicity or religion affect a person’s understanding of citizenship.

More importantly, the course, will provide the basis upon which participants can grasp the nature of citizenship and why it is at the heart of any understanding of what the relationship between state and civil society is.


For more information about the course, please contact us at 22875099 or at [email protected]

* ‘Resources for Democracy’ is a project run by the NGO Support Centre in collaboration with the University of Nicosia and the Center for Sustainable Peace and Development (SeeD) with the support of UNDP – Action for Cooperation and Trust (UNDP – ACT). For more info please visit