Active Citizens Fund Cyprus: Open Call for proposals with the aim to support Civil Society in Cyprus!

Active Citizens Fund Cyprus: Open Call for proposals with the aim to support Civil Society in Cyprus!

NGO Support Centre and GrantXpert Consulting Ltd, in their capacity as the Fund Operator of the Active Citizens Fund programme in Cyprus, announce an Open Call for projects focused on:

  • Increased citizen participation in civic activities
  • Vulnerable groups empowered
  • Enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society

The Active Citizens Fund is part of the contribution of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway to 15 EU countries in Central and Southern Europe and the Baltic. The programme recognises the fundamental role that the civil society sector plays in ensuring democratic governance, human rights and social cohesion across the European Economic Area. The Active Citizens Fund Cyprus focuses on the following two main objectives: Strengthening Civil Society and Active Citizenship and Empowering Vulnerable Groups in Cyprus.

The total available funding of the Open Call is €1,165,000. Active Citizens Fund Cyprus may finance up to 100% of the total project costs.

The organisations eligible as applicants are Civil Society Organisations that are established in the Republic of Cyprus. Τhe applications may be submitted in partnership with other public or private entities and/or informal organisations (Project Partners). It is worth noting that:

  • Partnerships between larger and smaller/ less experienced entities are strongly recommended.
  • Applicants are also encouraged to include a partnership with a Donor project partner (i.e. partners from Norway, Iceland and/or Liechtenstein) as part of their application. 
  • Projects proposing the implementation of activities through bicommunal partnerships will be awarded extra points during the application evaluation phase.

All relevant Call documents for the preparation of the application are available on the programme’s website here:

The closing date for the submission of applications is the 5th οf November 2021 at 13:00 EEST (Cyprus local time).